Excite Truck

There are a lot of computer programs which carry the sole purpose of being a product demo. Often these things are very obtuse, but can carry hidden cultural meaning. For example, the old Microsoft QBasic game “Gorillas” is little more than a demonstration of simulated physics in a low profile game, but the idea of two giant gorillas perched on the tops of tall buildings certainly carries some cultural referents.

It could be argued, and it probably has been, that Excite Truck is little more than a demo of the Wii’s unique driving configuration. The Wii remote is held horizontally and is moved like a steering wheel. Buttons on the remote stand in for pedals and other controls. This enhances the experience of the game, which is a fundamental way of creating a more immersive title. Despite this, there isn’t a lot of variety in game play, particularly amazing graphics, or the level of customization seen in previous “Excite” series games.

Location & Pseudo-Branding

Those bells and whistles absent, the producers of Excite Truck took some interesting creative liberties with the game. In addition to interesting locales such as Fiji, Mexico, China, or Scotland chosen for the tracks, the game uses a series of non-licensed generic trucks. Though none of these trucks are real, they very closely resemble some real life ones particularly the Dodge Ram or the Jeep Wrangler.

Nintendo is famous for having in-game music that really pushes the mood of a title as well as the pace and setting. This game casts most of that aside, however. The soundtrack is full of generic rock songs which are passable as background noise, but are nothing anyone would want on their MP3 player. The game, however, gives you the option of playing your own music off of an SD card. In a game more tuned into plot, this might allow the user to hijack the experience, however that is not the case here.

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