Mii & My Pooch

With it’s Wii, Nintendo has tried to bring the entire family into the game. By using the highly intuitive and user friendly input method with the Wii remote, Nintendo uncomplicated things enough to bring Grandma, little Suzy, and other uncoordinated family members into the game. But what about Fido?

Dogs, even smart ones, just can’t master the advanced intricacies of Wii Sports. In fact, most dogs lack the opposable digits to even hold the remote. Despite that, the Mii Channel allows users to bring the entire family into the game regardless of their species.

The Mii Channel does not allow for the creation of dogs. Even Nintendogs, doesn’t enable users to create customized canines. Some users, however, have found a work-around. They have anthropomorphized their pets into Miis, both elevating the status of the dog in the family to that equal to humans, and additionally, allowing for Rover to enjoy a game of tennis with his masters. Dogs enjoy games that involve balls and sticks, so Wii Sports is a natural favorite.

Here’s Looking at You, Kid

The key to making a Mii of your dog is not just to mimic the dog’s facial structure or hair color, but also to add the flare and personality that may not be apparent from the dog’s image alone. In the above photo Bristol, the beagle, is remade as a Mii with hair hanging jauntily around his face much like his dog ears. His freckles, sagging jowls, and deadpan expression are also lovingly mimicked. Bristol will now be able to enjoy hours of fun with his owners in the virtual world of the Wii, even while he sits neglected in the corner, pining for a meadow to frolic in or a cat to eat.

Below we have included the Miis created as monuments to other beloved pets submitted by loyal readers. If you would like your dog enshrined as a Mii, do it yourself, but let us know. We’d love to add them to the gallery.

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