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The Sci-Fi Channel and Movie Network’s new television, formerly web-based, series Sanctuary is an interesting, media-informed piece that mixes existing new media mainstays with a variety of social messages. Viewers who are familiar with other science fiction and new media franchises like X-Men will see a lot of familiar concepts in this series. There are […]

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Sumomomo Momomo

Animated sexual comedies are fairly uncommon in the United States. There are many satires which use sex as a frequent vehicle for humor, but none for which sex and gender relations are a central theme. In Japan, however, there are several, and they are some of the sharpest pieces of commentary in animation. From the […]

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Monk, Season 6

Most police detectives on television have certain things in common. They’re brash, determined, and sometimes unstable. There are some that have drinking problems. There are some that skirt the thin blue line. There are some who rely on the expertise of others to uncover clues and make connections. And then there’s Adrian Monk. The Hero […]

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24, Season 6

Over the course of this series, Jack Bauer has gone from being merely an American James Bond to being an excellent example of the tragic hero. This transformation is no more surprising than the endless plot twists which plague Bauer and his comrades every season. This season serves to cement Jack in the role of […]

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Gay, Straight, or Taken?

Lifetime TV bills this new reality game show series as “the game millions of us play every day.” Basic instincts tell animals whether something is safe to eat or if it poses a danger. Lifetime feels that American women follow a similar instinctive behavior. So when we see a man we find attractive, we can’t […]

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Star Trek: The Original Series

When George Lucas reissued Star Wars, many purists said he was desecrating a great piece of art. They argued that Star Wars, as it was originally produced was a unique and static product and that any superficial upgrade of its effects were little more than a gimmick used to sell more VHS tapes. Perhaps they […]

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