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Super Mario Galaxy 2

Both Super Mario 64 and Super Mario Sunshine share the distinction of being the sole vanguard Mario titles, and the only 3d platformers, on their respective consoles. Super Mario Galaxy is the first to get a direct sequel on its own console. In this new game, Nintendo seeks to replicate and expand on the experience of the first. Galaxy was well known for its beautiful music, stunning graphics, and somber plot.

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Angry Birds

Portable gaming is not new. The first true story-driven portable games came on the GameBoy a quarter century ago. The earliest portable games on platforms like Game & Watch or GameBoy were so primitive that if they had any story at all it was implied. Mario rescues Pauline from Donkey Kong because that is simply […]

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Literature is replete with examples of characters who utilize the power of the pen to overcome the sword. We’ve seen everything from smart-mouthed lawyers to unscrupulous journalists rooting out corrupt politicians. We’ve seen delivery boy’s entangling giant brains in a customized narrative snare. We’ve even seen animated characters argue through the fourth wall at the […]

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Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Justice for All

In this second installation in the Phoenix Wright series, Wright tangles not only with ruthless prosecutors, but with his own concepts of what justice is, and who he is. For this popular series of interactive novels, identity issues are not usually par for the course. Ace Attorney has always been about foibles and plot twists […]

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The Mother series, known in the US as Earthbound, is one of the most loved and underutilized properties in all of the video game industry. The first game, Mother or Earthbound Zero, was an NES game that introduced the series’ unique RPG play style and its most unusual sense of humor. The much more famous […]

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Kirby Superstar Ultra

The Kirby series has always been one hallmarked by accessibility. Kirby’s games are easy to pick up and play– at any age or skill level. This has placed it squarely, largely, in the genre of children’s games. Despite some challenging titles and some very fun game play, Kirby does not skirt the kind of age […]

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Art Style: Cubello

Downloadable content on the consoles has made smaller, more inventive games more possible. With the Art Style series, Nintendo is putting out very small titles which are little more than ‘semi-mini games.’ Cubello is the latest of these titles. Cubello begins by presenting the player with a three-dimensional figure made up of variously colored cubes. […]

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Mega Man 9

More than a decade has passed since Capcom released Mega Man 8. One of the most beloved series of the 8-bit video game era, this franchise has long languished in tangential games which attempted to change up traditional Mega Man formula with ideas more reminiscent of the Pokemon series. However, this game is different from […]

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Soulcalibur Legends

Soulcalibur is a popular franchise of three dimensional fighting games which swirl around a highly dualistic metastory. A tale of two swords, Soulcalibur depicts a series of conflicts over the possession and destruction of the demonic sword Soul Edge, and its counterpart, the equally powerful blade known as Soul Calibur. Legends is the first title […]

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Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney

The Ace Attorney series has been a runaway hit for Capcom. Originally a Japan-only franchise that was born on the Game Boy Advance, the series is noted for its humor and light satire. When it was brought to the United States, it became an immediate success because like so many examples of more traditional media […]

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