Mega Man 9

More than a decade has passed since Capcom released Mega Man 8. One of the most beloved series of the 8-bit video game era, this franchise has long languished in tangential games which attempted to change up traditional Mega Man formula with ideas more reminiscent of the Pokemon series. However, this game is different from […]

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Star Trek: Year Four – The Enterprise Experiment

Despite fan efforts to save it, Star Trek’s original run ended in 1969. The show’s opening tag line spoke of the Enterprise’s 5-year mission, but the realities of ratings and budget cuts brought an early end to Roddenberry’s cult-favorite series. Since 1969, fans have wondered what happened with the rest of that historic 5-year mission. […]

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Monk, Season 6

Most police detectives on television have certain things in common. They’re brash, determined, and sometimes unstable. There are some that have drinking problems. There are some that skirt the thin blue line. There are some who rely on the expertise of others to uncover clues and make connections. And then there’s Adrian Monk. The Hero […]

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The Status Is

The Internet is now full of blogs that offer a ‘slice of life’ in form of some unusual snippets. We previously have looked at several examples, from the modern necrology of My Death Space, to the passing phrases of Overheard in New York, and to the confessed artwork of Post Secret. Now we come to […]

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Astonishing X-Men, # 25

Comic books characters are like soap opera characters. They face the immense burden of decades of scripts which often span decades. They experience romance and tragedy and success and often repeatedly face death only to be reborn through one contrivance or another. With Astonishing X-Men # 25, the series reboots following the exit of Joss […]

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The X-Files: I Want to Believe

Chris Carter’s series The X-Files was one of the most popular science fiction television series in history. It was one of the Fox Network’s first major successes other than The Simpsons or Married… with Children. This film marks the series return to the screen since it ended in 2002. Unlike the first film and much […]

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Soulcalibur Legends

Soulcalibur is a popular franchise of three dimensional fighting games which swirl around a highly dualistic metastory. A tale of two swords, Soulcalibur depicts a series of conflicts over the possession and destruction of the demonic sword Soul Edge, and its counterpart, the equally powerful blade known as Soul Calibur. Legends is the first title […]

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Disney is known for inserting social messages into some of their films. Certainly, Mulan and Pocahontas had social messages. Some of these stories, like Beauty and the Beast, already had morals built in. Disney is also known for producing some of the most vapid, brainless, and poorly written films in Hollywood. Luckily, WALL·E is a […]

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Hellboy II: The Golden Army

This second installment in the Hellboy series is a very interesting blend of modern science fiction. traditional fantasy and story book styles, humor, and romance. It blends a number of issues which are popular in modern fantasy and science fiction, all with the same whimsy seen in other similar films such as Pan’s Labyrinth. The […]

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Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney

The Ace Attorney series has been a runaway hit for Capcom. Originally a Japan-only franchise that was born on the Game Boy Advance, the series is noted for its humor and light satire. When it was brought to the United States, it became an immediate success because like so many examples of more traditional media […]

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