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The Dark Knight

In 2009, DC Comics will celebrate Batman’s 70th anniversary. Batman is an undeniably important part of the superhero pantheon. It takes an incredible character to match the feats of the likes of Superman, and to dwarf almost all of his contemporaries in terms of character complexity, psychology, and pageantry. Despite this excellent breeding, Batman has […]

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Batman Gotham Knight

With every big screen Batman outing, Warner Bros. releases a companion animated film to help build hype. What’s funny is that the companion piece is often better than its live action brother. This film is actually six. They are interlocking short films each with different directors. Warner Bros. tapped the directors and production companies of […]

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Justice League: The New Frontier

The title of this graphic novel-made-film is a reference to a speech by John F. Kennedy. In that speech, Kennedy makes reference to the future, to how principle and honor must go hand in hand with power and technology; and how justice and freedom must never be infringed. His words were inspiring, and to a […]

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Superman: Doomsday

The Death of Superman was one of the seminal moments in comic book history. This wasn’t because Superman died. As most people figured, his death was a marketing ploy to bolster sagging comic book sales and to possibly reinvigorate the demand for Superman films, which had been dormant for nearly a decade. The story, which […]

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Comparing the DC & Marvel Universes

There are many publishers of comic books today. At least a half dozen in the United States, more than a few in Japan, and a handful everywhere else. In the US, smaller publishers like Darkhorse Comics, feed the niche markets of hardcore enthusiasts and people interested in IP fiction like Star Wars or Aliens. However […]

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Kingdom Come

Mark Waid and Alex Ross’ graphic novel Kingdom Come is one of the most profound, beautifully written, masterfully illustrated, and important graphic novels in the DC Comics library. This book leaps forward a hypothetical decade into the continuity, and provides the long DC tradition with closure and meaning. It draws on both established comic book […]

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Superman & Batman vs. Alien & Predator

Franchise mash-ups are fair game for comic books. Batman and Superman have tangled many times in the past, and the Alien and Predator franchises have faced off in print and on the big screen and have ultimately become symbiotic. Conversely, both Superman and Batman have faced down Aliens and Predators. This, however, is the first […]

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Uncle Sam

Uncle Sam, United States, us. This graphic novel tells the story of a nation finding its way. Uncle Sam reminds us where we have been, and for better or worse, who we’ve become.

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