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The Mother series, known in the US as Earthbound, is one of the most loved and underutilized properties in all of the video game industry. The first game, Mother or Earthbound Zero, was an NES game that introduced the series’ unique RPG play style and its most unusual sense of humor. The much more famous […]

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It’s an easy bet to say that most people like puppies. Nature designed them to be cute, and we’ve spent the last hundred millennia breeding them to be our companions. Nintendogs takes both of those and replicates them using the Nintendo DS’ video and audio outputs combined with the touch screen and microphone inputs. The […]

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Representations of Family in Video Games

Traditional narrative forms of art overflow with examples of familial representation. Family plays an enormous part of many novels, films, and television shows. Many of these examples also demonstrate non-conventional family structures. This does not necessarily refer to same-sex couples or a woman with 27 cats. It often refers to groups like professional colleagues, circles […]

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