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Astonishing X-Men, # 25

Comic books characters are like soap opera characters. They face the immense burden of decades of scripts which often span decades. They experience romance and tragedy and success and often repeatedly face death only to be reborn through one contrivance or another. With Astonishing X-Men # 25, the series reboots following the exit of Joss […]

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Iron Man

In this film iteration of the comic book legend, Iron Man follows a modern remediation of a classic hero. Here Tony Stark, portrayed by Robert Downey, Jr., is depicted as a rich playboy, which is not at all a diversion from canon, but instead his motives and values are predicated by issues which are timely […]

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What If..? Event Horizon

Super heroes are known to rely on luck as much as they rely on skill. These are characters that spend most of their time literally dodging bullets or disarming bombs at the last possible second. So what if their fortune was reversed? What if instead they made a different choice, believing as they always do […]

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Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man, # 23

Spider-Man has many enemies– many of whom he shares a dichotomy with. Venom is his antithesis, Green Goblin his arch-nemesis. However no character shares as interesting a rivalry with Spider-Man as J. Jonah Jameson. Jameson was Peter Parker’s employer at The Daily Bugle and an ardent critic of the web slinging hero. Jameson always had […]

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Civil War

The two major comic book companies– DC and Marvel– periodically release multi-franchise epics which are meant to forever change the landscape of their universes (and drive sales). Civil War is the latest such event for the Marvel Universe. The story places the company’s heroes at odds with one another. Increasing accidents among super humans which […]

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Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer

The story of the Fantastic Four’s first encounter with the Silver Surfer, and that of Earth’s first run in with the alien entity known as Galactus, represent one of the most memorable stories in the superhero genre. Retelling this story is simply a matter of special effects. The characters are there, the compelling sci-fi action […]

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Comparing the DC & Marvel Universes

There are many publishers of comic books today. At least a half dozen in the United States, more than a few in Japan, and a handful everywhere else. In the US, smaller publishers like Darkhorse Comics, feed the niche markets of hardcore enthusiasts and people interested in IP fiction like Star Wars or Aliens. However […]

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This book is the story of the first half century of the Marvel Comics universe. It is revealed to us through the eyes of Phil Sheldon, a newspaper photographer who lives in New York City and witnesses the rise of the Super Hero Age. The story starts out in 1939 with the birth of the […]

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Spider-Man 3

The question surrounding what demons truly lie within one’s soul has been a topic of discussion in literature for many hundreds of years. Books like Heart of Darkness and films like Apocalypse Now have surveyed the topic, and with the third installation of Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man film series, the topic is brought up once again. […]

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