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Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Justice for All

In this second installation in the Phoenix Wright series, Wright tangles not only with ruthless prosecutors, but with his own concepts of what justice is, and who he is. For this popular series of interactive novels, identity issues are not usually par for the course. Ace Attorney has always been about foibles and plot twists […]

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Monk, Season 6

Most police detectives on television have certain things in common. They’re brash, determined, and sometimes unstable. There are some that have drinking problems. There are some that skirt the thin blue line. There are some who rely on the expertise of others to uncover clues and make connections. And then there’s Adrian Monk. The Hero […]

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Professor Layton & The Curious Village

In an essay on interactive fiction, writer and game theorist Nick Montfort describes how virtually any new medium can be treated as a literary device. He notes that even puzzles and riddles can be reviewed as works of interactive fiction, held to the same standards as conventional fiction. First in a series of games, Professor […]

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National Treasure: Book of Secrets

The National Treasure series has largely been about uncovering antiquities which tie the past in with the present. In the first film, this lead the main character– Ben Gates (Nicholas Cage) and his friends on a quest for a golden treasure trove left behind by the Founding Fathers. The adventure brought the audience and the […]

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Trace Memory

Developer Cing made its Nintendo DS debut with this game in 2005. Previously, Cing had only made games for PlayStation 2 and mobile phones. Despite being rookies with the unique Nintendo hardware, Cing stepped up masterfully to create an engaging mystery novel which set the format for its successors. Trace Memory puts you in the […]

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Hotel Dusk: Room 215

Hotel Dusk is more than just a game. It is billed by its creators as a mystery novel that you interact with. More than that, it is near to the epitome of the interactive narrative. The story comes to one of several possible outcomes, some which are considered “good” and some which are considered a […]

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