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Kirby Superstar Ultra

The Kirby series has always been one hallmarked by accessibility. Kirby’s games are easy to pick up and play– at any age or skill level. This has placed it squarely, largely, in the genre of children’s games. Despite some challenging titles and some very fun game play, Kirby does not skirt the kind of age […]

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Hellboy II: The Golden Army

This second installment in the Hellboy series is a very interesting blend of modern science fiction. traditional fantasy and story book styles, humor, and romance. It blends a number of issues which are popular in modern fantasy and science fiction, all with the same whimsy seen in other similar films such as Pan’s Labyrinth. The […]

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The Dark Knight

In 2009, DC Comics will celebrate Batman’s 70th anniversary. Batman is an undeniably important part of the superhero pantheon. It takes an incredible character to match the feats of the likes of Superman, and to dwarf almost all of his contemporaries in terms of character complexity, psychology, and pageantry. Despite this excellent breeding, Batman has […]

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Iron Man

In this film iteration of the comic book legend, Iron Man follows a modern remediation of a classic hero. Here Tony Stark, portrayed by Robert Downey, Jr., is depicted as a rich playboy, which is not at all a diversion from canon, but instead his motives and values are predicated by issues which are timely […]

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Justice League: The New Frontier

The title of this graphic novel-made-film is a reference to a speech by John F. Kennedy. In that speech, Kennedy makes reference to the future, to how principle and honor must go hand in hand with power and technology; and how justice and freedom must never be infringed. His words were inspiring, and to a […]

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Superman: Doomsday

The Death of Superman was one of the seminal moments in comic book history. This wasn’t because Superman died. As most people figured, his death was a marketing ploy to bolster sagging comic book sales and to possibly reinvigorate the demand for Superman films, which had been dormant for nearly a decade. The story, which […]

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Young Frankenstein

The brilliance of Mel Brooks is that while his jokes are off-color, sexual, racist, and crude, they are never used merely for the sake of being offensive. His jokes use sensitive topics to make clever, silly, slapstick gags which entertain while making a cultural statement or observation. This brilliance extends into the way he makes […]

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The Bourne Ultimatum

This latest film in the Bourne series ties up both the present and the past for Jason Bourne. As a character, Bourne is flat, almost always emotionless, and he moves and functions like an automaton. While in most cases this creates a two-dimensional character, in the Bourne series it helps to reinforce the character’s background, […]

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The Simpsons Movie

One of the ongoing debates over The Simpsons refers to the location of Springfield, the city in which the series and film take place. The name of the town was chosen by series creator Matt Groening because during his childhood in Oregon, Springfield was always the “next town over.” The name is common enough that […]

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Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

One of the promises of the Harry Potter series from the start was that the text would grow with its initial fan base. This didn’t mean that the text would become more prolific, although it did. It meant that as the audience grew more mature, so too would the story. This becomes very clear in […]

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