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Cheating and Video Game Narrative

In all too many books and movies, the hero is saved at the last moment by the hand of God. Luck, fate, or some almighty force stands in and maintains order. Perhaps the hero finds an impossible last measure of strength. Perhaps he finds another weapon hidden among some debris. Perhaps she discovers that her […]

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One of the first narrative video games was Nintendo’s Donkey Kong, which debuted in 1981. It’s thin storyline followed a mustachioed man as he leapt over barrels to save a woman from the clutches of a sexually frustrated gorilla named Donkey. With its physics, real time game play, and plot, Donkey Kong was truly a […]

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The Simpsons Movie

One of the ongoing debates over The Simpsons refers to the location of Springfield, the city in which the series and film take place. The name of the town was chosen by series creator Matt Groening because during his childhood in Oregon, Springfield was always the “next town over.” The name is common enough that […]

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Comparing the DC & Marvel Universes

There are many publishers of comic books today. At least a half dozen in the United States, more than a few in Japan, and a handful everywhere else. In the US, smaller publishers like Darkhorse Comics, feed the niche markets of hardcore enthusiasts and people interested in IP fiction like Star Wars or Aliens. However […]

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Blazing Saddles

This film could not be made today. For all our progress, racial reconciliation, and advances made by minorities, this film would never get passed censors today, and its release would spark outrage among pundits of all variety. Indeed when this film was released in the 1970’s, the studio received many letters of complaint for the […]

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5 Reasons Why Family Guy is Better than The Simpsons

The Simpsons is a fine show. But honestly, it’s been in decline for years. Family Guy, on the other hand, is hitting its stride and shows increasing popularity on both Fox and in cable syndication. I can still appreciate The Simpsons, but its age and waning humor pale when compared to Family Guy’s clever writing […]

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Representations of Family in Video Games

Traditional narrative forms of art overflow with examples of familial representation. Family plays an enormous part of many novels, films, and television shows. Many of these examples also demonstrate non-conventional family structures. This does not necessarily refer to same-sex couples or a woman with 27 cats. It often refers to groups like professional colleagues, circles […]

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Mii & My Pooch

With it’s Wii, Nintendo has tried to bring the entire family into the game. By using the highly intuitive and user friendly input method with the Wii remote, Nintendo uncomplicated things enough to bring Grandma, little Suzy, and other uncoordinated family members into the game. But what about Fido? Dogs, even smart ones, just can’t […]

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