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The Sci-Fi Channel and Movie Network’s new television, formerly web-based, series Sanctuary is an interesting, media-informed piece that mixes existing new media mainstays with a variety of social messages. Viewers who are familiar with other science fiction and new media franchises like X-Men will see a lot of familiar concepts in this series. There are […]

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The modern world tells us that anything we desire can be ours. The problem inherent with this generous philosophy is that no one truly knows what it is that they want. We can ask for cars and money and sex, but ultimately what fulfills us is not something that can be purchased on stores or […]

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SimCity Societies

Will Wright’s SimCity is one of the most lasting and memorable franchises in video game history. Up until now, the focus of these games has been upon civics, budgeting, and and lawmaking. Players built and upgraded roads and power plants, zoned buildings, and enacted statutes to help develop a functioning city. This game throws that […]

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Metroid Prime 3: Corruption

One of the first great video game franchises, Metroid has always stood out from similar games because of its female protagonist– Samus Aran. The series is mired in mystery, as every game until this latest edition has had the player searching without much guidance for weapons to use and enemies to battle. Its darkness and […]

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Overheard in New York

There is something artistic about unintentional examples of life. We always see paintings of bowls of fruit, black and white photographs of people walking their dogs, or books about people going about their lives. In March of 2000, UC Berkley student Benjamin Stewart founded a website called In Passing, which listed overheard snippets of conversations, […]

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Representations of Family in Video Games

Traditional narrative forms of art overflow with examples of familial representation. Family plays an enormous part of many novels, films, and television shows. Many of these examples also demonstrate non-conventional family structures. This does not necessarily refer to same-sex couples or a woman with 27 cats. It often refers to groups like professional colleagues, circles […]

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Letters to Wendy’s

Joe Wenderoth covers some unusual ground in this epistolary tribute to fast food and American consumer culture.

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Uncle Sam

Uncle Sam, United States, us. This graphic novel tells the story of a nation finding its way. Uncle Sam reminds us where we have been, and for better or worse, who we’ve become.

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