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The Status Is

The Internet is now full of blogs that offer a ‘slice of life’ in form of some unusual snippets. We previously have looked at several examples, from the modern necrology of My Death Space, to the passing phrases of Overheard in New York, and to the confessed artwork of Post Secret. Now we come to […]

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FOUND Magazine

FOUND Magazine was born in 2000, when creator Davy Rothbart discovered a note mistakenly left on his windshield. The note was left for a man named Mario, and it chastised him using strong, foul language for a perceived infidelity. At the end of the note, the author ironically asked Mario to page her later, suddenly […]

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Post Secret

In 1973, Dougles Huebler, dean of the California Institute for the Arts, published a collection of secrets recorded by random people. There were nearly 2,000 secrets recorded in his collection and it was published as part of his Variable Piece series. In 2004, Frank Warren reinvigorated this idea at the Artomatic event in Washington, D.C. […]

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Websites like My Death Space are why we have a Links review section. My first impression of My Death Space was that it would be as vacuous and trivial as My Space itself. The only relish I thought I would take in cruising it, would be at mocking the unimportant frivolous lives of those people […]

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